Friday, August 13, 2010

the house


well i have FINALLY moved into the house! all the boxes are unpacked, broken down, and put away! i do have a number of projects left to do- like paint a dresser, 2 kitchen table and chairs (one big one small), and a bookshelf. so... if anyone wants to come help...

i also have quite a few things to buy for the guest room-like a bed...

but after all that the house will be complete! so excited! so everyone can come visit and stay overnight! well i really don't have anything else to say,so... oh ya! im going to post pictures next week

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La di dah di dah

well i have absolutely nothing to report, i just think that this is one of the cutest pictures of kaylee that i've ever taken-even tho its completely fuzzy (poor quality cell phone camera).

she had to make sure that all of her friends were in the photo. from left to right it is: mo (her monkey), hot rod (her bear) and finally bu (bunny)- were still working on the word bunny. she also wants you to know (she's standing next to me) that b is her blanket and and baby-well the baby. but she looks so cute in her little tutu. we couldn't get a shirt on her, bc she wanted to dress herself, but we covered all the important parts :) oh and the blanket she is on is my new duvet!

well i guess i'll get back to do-nothing...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this weekend kaylee and i got the chance to go to vegas and meet madelyn- the newest member of the dick family! we had so much fun and kaylee loved watching the baby. we got there early friday morning- around 2:30 am. we had driven all night(well 6 hrs) to get there- my dad prefers to drive at night-less traffic. but it was fun. we finally got to see madelyn, and jenna, later that morning when they both woke up. which was tons of fun! jenna looked amazing and madelyn is so cute! she is such a good baby, and she is so little! kaylee just adored her! she loved holding her, and treated her just like her own baby; she was such a good mommy :)

while we were there we had the chance to go eat lunch at my new favorite addictions-raising cane. if you have never had it-go! their sauce is delicious! (*side note: they aren't in arizona...yet)

we also got to take madelyn to her first movie...eclipse! don't worry we kept her covered and she slept the whole time. but when she wasn't sleeping kaylee was watching and playing with her. she would let us know when she was ready for her-lol. it was cute! she's definitely ready for a sibling ;) -we just have to get daddy on board...

we also went out to eat with jamie and aaron saturday night-olive garden...YUM! it was so good! nate doesn't like olive garden so i don't get to eat it much, but when i do its like heaven!

we had tons of fun with jenna and madelyn,but we also had a lot of fun with jamie. it was so great to have all the girls together. it is quite rare to get us all together-without any boys, but luckily aaron napped letting us spend some quality girl time together.

unfortunately we had to go home sunday morning,but we had a great weekend visit. i can't wait to see them again!

well this week kaylee are in the going to be getting the house ready. nate's birthday is coming up and he invited some friends down. which is fine, except that our house is not even guest ready! so if anyone wants to come down and help me with things you are welcome to come! i have quite a few projects going. i have to sand and paint the kitchen table, paint kaylee's dresser, put together the guest room, hanging pictures and finally going thru boxes. ugh! youd think that since i've been here 3 weeks i could've gotten something done. oh well. well i keep you guys posted on the house. and ill try to get some phots posted, but remember you can always stop by!

Monday, July 26, 2010

back from mexico

well we got about back from our cruise to on mexico july 18. it rocked! if you have never been on a cruise i highly recommend it. we made three stops- cabo san lucas, mazatlan, and puerto vallarta. my favorite part was the horseback riding in the mountains of puerto vallarta and i'm assuming nate's was the unlimited free food (he loved the room service as well). it was a nice relaxing week, but by the end of it we were definitely missing kaylee. so we were ready to come home. but it was absolutely amazing. here are a few (literally- we forgot to take photos) pics of us on the trip.
this was us in puerto vallarta- we were waiting for the dinner and show to begin

this was the day we boarded the ship-silly me, but i didn't realize how big it was going to be!

this was mazatlan- no it was not fog. the minute we took out the camera it got foggy because of the 84% humidity! and yes we went atv-ing it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


now that i am away from- well everyone, i've decideed to try and start blogging again. well if you don't already know, nate got a promotion at work (YAY!) that brought us to tucson (yay... :). we just moved here about a week ago. i have to admit that even though its extremely dry, its has its perks. right outside our door you get a view of the pusche rim mountains and its cooler here :)
kaylee has taken to the new house quite well and enjoys running up and down the hall screaming. its tile so it echos and she loves it- me not so much. it is different than our house. we have a split floor plan and kaylee sleeps on the other side of the house. its definately hard to be so far away from her. but we do have a guest room now if anyone wants to come visit! well let me clarify- we have a guest room no furniture...yet. but you can still visit! its only a 1 1/2 hr drive, and if you take the scenic route its quite relaxing.
well i'm going to try and get more updated photos for you guys. and i guess ill post them later.

Monday, April 6, 2009

well i've never been one to blog, but since i'm a stay at home mom now i figured why not. so after a lot of help from alisha, this blog page is finally set up. march was a crazy month for us. nate and i took a much needed trip to san diego for his spring break. it was so much fun. we went to the wildlife park, the san diego zoo, the beach and -my favorite part- sea world! it was so amazing. unfortunately kaylee wasn't able to come, so she stayed with grandpa and grandma and a life saving last minute babysitter-thanks again ashley! and when nate and i returned home we found that our little girl isn't so little anymore! she grew up! and thats when i realized that i should really be taking more picutres of her. so on monday kim and i took kaylee to the temple to take some photos of her. she wasn't too happy about it, but we still got some good ones. this is my favorite (and the only one she is smiling in). but there were some really cute ones of her crying and drooling. and on thursday alisha bryan and brooklyn came down. so on friday alisha and i attempted to take pictures of kaylee and brooklyn. once again--they weren't very happy, so we didnt get any good ones of them together, but seperately we got some sweet ones.
kaylee is growing up so fast! she loves to stand up and be involved in everything and everyone. kaylee has her new found laugh/giggle that she loves to let us listen to. alisha got her laughing for five minutes straight on friday. it was so cute to hear and is kinda addicting to listen to. but saturday was hilarious. after crying the whole drive over to my parents house (she doesn't like her carseat now) to go to brooklyn's 1st bday party down here, i never thought kaylee would calm down. but my mom was holding her and she seemed to be doing ok. then kim walked in. i don't know what she did, but kaylee took one look at her and started laughing! kim didn't even do anything or even acknowlege kaylee, but everytime kaylee would look at kim she'd start laughing. and it wasn't just a little giggle, it was a full on laugh that would go on for a few minutes, then she'd stop to catch her breath, look at kim and start again. it had us all rolling on the ground. i tried to catch it on video, but as usual the minute the video camera comes out she stops everything. but its so much fun to watch her reactions when she discovers something new.